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Each participant will be given similar (mystery) models and the same two (mystery) colors that must be the dominant colors on the miniature.

Each participant must bring their own brushes, and may bring up to 10 pots of paint and/or washes to try to make their miniature look the best! Basing is not allowed, so don’t bother. Models will be primed black, so Contrast paints are not recommended.

This is where the strategy comes in, because nobody will know will know which model is the model for this year, and nobody will know which two colors have been chosen as the two main colors! So choose your ten pots wisely and you have one hour to paint a masterpiece.

SPEED PAINTING JUDGES RUBRIC: Judges may give a +1.5 instead of +1 at their discretion on a line if they feel a particular aspect was above and beyond all expectations.

+1 For multiple layers of highlighting.+1 For blended highlighting.
+1 For Object Source Lighting.
+1 For Weathering.
+1 For NMM (if applicable)
+1 For freehand work. (patterns, pupils in eyes, teeth/gums painted)
+1 For battle damage.
+1 For good color composition on the model (well-placed spot color, good use of washes,etc).
+1 For clean and tidy lines

We will be awarding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place trophies!

Speed Painting

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