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Horus Heresy Narratives

Brought to you by Jason and Kevin from the Basement Wargamers club. This is not an event managed by Shorehammer.


You can contact them at


The battle for Anvil 206 rages on! Loyalist forces were successful in claiming the orbital platform and the landing fields on the planet but failed to take the Planetary Capitol and were left reeling from the battle against the Traitors.


The combined forces of the Dark Angels and a still loyal Emperor's Children splinter defeated the Word Bearers and Nightlords.  In doing so they took control of the Command & Control Center and Reactor Core of the station.  The Traitors still have a small foothold in the docking bays and are preparing to renew the assault.


On the planet below the Salamanders and Raven Guard battled the Alpha Legion and traitor Emperor's Children to take the Landing Fields near the Capitol.  The Loyalists captured the control bastions for the landing pads and 3 of the 4 landing pads.  The Traitors were able to control one landing pad and the gates in and out of the landing area.


In the area around the Capitol Hall the Space Wolves were decimated by the relentlessness of the Death Guard.  The Traitors captured the Orbital Defense Laser and Capitol Hall.  The Loyalists control the defensive ring around the city.


What this means for this year:


Orbital bombardments:

The side controlling both the C&C and Reactor core will be able to fire a 10" blast onto one of the other tables at the end of the controlling side's turn before the next player turn.  Loyalists start with control of both locations.  If one side controls both locations, scatter for the shot is determined as normal.  Not controlling the Reactor results in the shot scattering a full 3d6 with no modification to the roll.


Reinforcements arrive:  

1 destroyed dreadnought, OR 1 vehicle OR 1 infantry unit of 250 points or less that is below starting strength, may be returned to the table.  This may be used up to 3 times by the loyalists and once by the Traitors.


The Traitor forces my elect 1 Primarch to be deployed to any 1 table.


The sky burns:

The traitor forces control the orbital defense laser in the Capitol.  At the start of the Traitor turn 2 and turn 4, they may eliminate a non-objective tile located on the Orbital platform table.  All units on those tiles are destroyed and the entire area is treated as dangerous terrain for the remainder of the game.


Teams of 2 will face off against each other on 4 tables.  There is a limit of 16 players.


Each player with create a list of 1500 points.  It is suggested to create 2 lists, one for ZM play and one for regular play as there is only 1 ZM table.  The rules for ZM are found in white dwarf 477 and the forthcoming Siege of Cthonia campaign book. 


Note:  If any players have knights and titans and would like to bring them, please reach out to, we would like to make it possible to include them this year.


Orbital Platform Table- A ZM style table


Center City Table


Refinery Table


Landing Field table

Specifics of each table's details and mission is in the player event pack HERE.

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