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40k Narratives

A powerful energy signal was emanating from an Imperial research base called the Merlin Facility on the planet Shoreham V. A signal powerful enough to be felt far and wide, and strong enough to attract the attention of Chaos. Through the help of Tzeentch’s divine plan, a massive armada of Orks was redirected directly toward Shoreham V. In the meantime, a Tau sept caught wind of secret Tau and Eldar collaboration at this facility, and was determined to find out more. Unknown to all parties, a derelict space hulk in orbit was seeded with Tyranids who were waiting in ambush.

The battle began rapidly and soon the battlefield was riddled with bodies. In the end, the Imperium put up a valiant effort, but could not hold up against the power of Tau, Orks, Tyranids, and Chaos. The Merlin Facility fell, and the planet has gone silent. 10 years had passed as the Imperium and its allies mustered their forces and returned to find Xenos and Chaos using the facility to their own nefarious ends.

The battle raged on as the Imperium bore to the heart of the structure with their artillery and their troops poured through the gaps. Meanwhile, the allies of Order waded through waves Genestealers in the sewers beneath the complex. The death toll rose as the mysterious machine in the center of the building broke loose, sending out deadly pulses of energy. As it drifted through the battlefield, heads exploded and machines detonated. One thing was clear to both sides: this giant mechanical orb had to be taken down.

The air rang thick with bullets, beams, and missiles as a rent was finally put into the orb. A birth scream from the machine pierced reality and a C’tan emerged in a blinding light. The few remaining soldiers looked on in horror as the newly released god flew into the sky.

Thrill in the warfare simulation as you and your fellow players work together as brothers and sisters in arms to defeat the other side!

I won’t give away all aspects for the sake of surprise, but be prepared for each player to have an important battle field role. Failure means letting your team mates down and victory means being an All-Star of the battle.

This is not about winning. This is about telling a story and taking part in an epic narrative game. The winning side receives bragging rights.

Each Game Turn will be timed and strictly enforced to keep the game running smoothly.




Thursday Tactical Strike Battle

  • Small elite squads of troops will be the vanguard strike to reconnoitre the situation of the ground before the bulk of the forces arrive. Stealth, precision and accuracy is needed to complete the mission and pave the way for your brothers and sisters in arms on Friday. The outcomes of this battle will directly effect Fridays big battle

  • List Building

  • List Points: 300 points*

  • Max Model Count: Each unit may only have the minimum number of models.

  • Force Org: Models may not have a Movement characteristic higher than 8".

  • Army Stratagems are not used, only core rule book Stratagems.

  • No Enhancements are allowed.

  • Visible range for all units is 18”, they cannot shoot farther.

Example Army Lists:

Space Marines: 

Tactical Marines x3, 1 Sergeant w/ Power Sword, 1 Marine w/ Missile Launcher

Aggressor Squad x3 Auto Bolt Storm Gauntlets

Friday Narrative Big Battle

The giant 24-foot table will broken up into 6 4-foot boards. Each board will be a 2v2 battle featuring a narrative mission that is key to the success of the larger battle. Before the game begins, each mission will be explained to the Generals of each side and each side will take turns assigning a player to specific missions until all are assigned a mission.

The two teams will be Order and Chaos.

All other armies (Orks, Necrons, etc.) will be split between the two sides as different factions because warbands choose their sides for different reasons.

We are only allowing 24 player spots for this event, so get yours early.

This is one of the only gaming events at Shorehammer which requires painted models. We require at least 3 colors on your models, but basing is not required.

  • Lists need to be 1 Army per player (no allies).

  • Lists MUST contain a minimum of 1 Leader and 1 Battleline.

  • No Forgeworld, Unpainted Miniatures, Named Characters or former Lords of War allowed.

  • We are using mostly Matched Play Rules.

  • Lists are a maximum of 1000 points per player, and no more than 6 units. (Dedicated Transports count toward your unit maximum, but the first Dedicated Transport in your list will not count towards your maximum.) Characters attached to a unit are not counted at a unit either.)

  • Lists CANNOT be more than 70 models total.

  • Enhancements may be taken.

  • Before each game, each player receives 1 Command Point per unit of Battleline they took in their army list. Players will receive additional CP each round as per Matched Play rules.

  • Teammates that share the applicable keyword can be effected by friendly players’ buffs and abilities.

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