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Yes! This year we have partnered with Horizons of Salisbury to raise money for a wholesome cause. Horizons is a group that helps struggling kids in a real way. They monitor the children throughout the school year and provide free tutors when needed. They check up on the child and their grades to make sure they are doing well, and they show the children that someone really cares about them.

In addition, Horizons provides free summer camp for children who otherwise couldn’t afford summer camp. This keeps them productive and out of trouble for the summer while also preventing “summer brain drain” that children often have when they forget things they learned the previous year.

I hand-picked this charity because it is local and providing real, hands-on help for children.

Each Weekend Membership you buy comes with 15 Charity Raffle Tickets, which you will use to win prizes at Shorehammer!

The real help comes from attendees purchasing additional Charity Raffle Tickets where all proceeds go directly to Horizons.

So please help us in welcoming and supporting Horizons of Salisbury and the children they serve.

Charity Raffle

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