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Aliens Narrative

“They mostly come out at night. Mostly.” -Newt, “Aliens” (1986)


Join the crew of the USS Misthios, a colonial marine ship commissioned to fly seeking out those in need of disciplined, well-armed assistance and other mercenary work. From escorting clients, protecting colonies from attack, to even collecting data from dilapidated or overrun facilities, there’s no job that the expertly trained colonial marines can’t handle.


Using a highly modified version of the board game “Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps,” step into the role of one of six members of the USCM fireteam in this RPG-lite game. Choose from premade characters or building your own using our custom character creation sheet. You’ll learn the rules before the mission with a quick basic training tutorial before you’re released as a rookie on your first mission.


The best part is everything is provided, from a wide variety of miniatures and the 3d printed gameboard to all the dice and rules cards needed to play.

Game time: Friday at 4:30

Game length: 3-4 hours

Game rules: each player will choose a character or create one. There will be a brief tutorial/basic training to acquaint players with gameplay (Don’t worry, you’ll pick up on it fast!). There will then be a vote for the mission players wish to tackle, which will be revealed the day of the game.

This event is ran by our friend Max Drewicz.

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