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Brutality Skirmish Wargame

What is Brutality?

Brutality is a free-rules, use your own models, 28mm skirmish game with RPG-light features. With a simple yet deep character creation process, you can make any character you like from any genre.

We will be playing games of Brutality with experienced players and running demos for people who are interested. A normal game requires 5-7 models, and takes 30-45 minutes to play.

  • X-Men versus Thundercats?

  • Superman versus Goku?

  • Star Wars versus Star Trek?

Any of these can be made in Brutality and we welcome you to come hang out with us as we show you this deceptively simple game!

Brutality Tournament Rules

Lists must follow all Advanced Rules requirements for list building.

Lists are capped at 7 points.

One Legendary Trait is allowed per list.

This is a 3-Game Tournament, each game will be 45 minutes.

Winners will be decided by total aggregate points from all 3 games.

Trophies will be awarded.

Game 1: Basic Scenario pg 48

Objectives will be Altars, Realm: Psycho-tropics

Game 2: Grab It! pg 51

Realm: Vulture Belt

Game 3: Something’s Odd pg 54

Realm: Whispering Woods

Join our Facebook group to download the free rules, watch demos, and see other people’s progress on their warbands. Check it out here.

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