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Marvel Crisis Protocol

Tournament Saturday Night at 5-10pm

A Marvel: Crisis Protocol Tournament Event.
We're hosting a tournament to help build the community. Come join us!


-If you have any questions feel free to message Target Acquired Gaming or Jonathan Doyon at


Registration link for the event.

-Each player will bring a normal roster of up to ten characters. Please have extra copies of your list for the TO and for your opponents. If you don't have your list ready ahead of time please arrive early to the event to fill out a roster sheet.
-Each round will last 1 hour 45 minutes ISH.
-Loose dice and small dials may not be used for power/health. If you'd like to use ten sided dice they must be in a tray and easily readable by your opponent. Dials must be large enough to clearly see from across the table. Tokens are of course acceptable.
-This event will being using the Challenger event tournament STANDARD timeline found here:
-Ban list can be found here:
-In addition only kits that have been released in the US at least a week before the event will be allowed.
-FAQs and errata here:
-The Event can also be found on and will be used for pairings and result submissions. Please register you account on Longshanks at the following event link ( when set we will put up a link to the event with times etc.)


-If you have any questions feel free to message Target Acquired Gaming or Jonathan Doyon at

- Learn to play Thursday Friday

Marvel: Crisis Protocol is a tabletop miniatures game set in the Marvel Universe. Players assemble, and paint, and collect an ever expanding line of highly detailed plastic miniatures representing iconic Marvel characters. Players choose characters from their collections to form their own Marvel inspired dream team and then pit their chosen forces against each other on an interactive tabletop where the very terrain itself can be thrown, crashed into, and destroyed during the super powered showdown. This is a casual learn-to-play event. All necessary game pieces will be provided.


_ Organized Play kit Friday

While in transit to a secure S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, a transport ship containing several canisters of Klyntar symbiotes sent out a distress call before crashing unexpectedly. The cause of the crash remains unknown but now Crisis squads have converged upon the crash site – each trying to secure the symbiotes for their own reasons! Separation Anxiety is a four-player narrative scenario, each player will build a squad of 11 threat and 3 tactics cards. Each squad will be battling in a free for all, while trying to capture escaped symbiotes. These symbiotes also have a mind of their own and will be moving independently, scouring the field for ‘willing’ hosts! Each symbiote will bring powerful abilities to enhance their host. But beware – symbiotes have no time for weakness and will abandon their host should they prove inadequate in combat. This event is beginner player friendly! We’ve got a lot of people just learning how to play after a long time away. So if you are rusty on the rules – or haven’t even played a game yet – don’t hesitate to join in! You should give the rulebook a look to try and understand the basics (move, attack, super powers, etc…) but don’t worry if you don’t know how to play fully yet. You should bring A Crisis squad totaling 11 points 3 Tactics cards(following normal tactic card selection rules). If you Dont have models limited ones will be available to borrow.

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