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AoS Narrative



Thrill in this massive warfare simulation as you and your fellow Generals work together as brothers and sisters in arms to defeat the other side!

I won’t give away all aspects for the sake of surprise, but be prepared for each player to have an important battle field role. Failure means letting your team mates down and victory means being an All-Star of the battle.

This is not about winning. This is about telling a story and taking part in an epic narrative game. The winning side receives bragging rights and footage will be made into a really neat video for the awards show.

Each Phase will be timed and strictly enforced to keep the game running smoothly.

The giant 24-foot table will broken up into 4 6-foot boards. Each board will be a 3v3 battle featuring a narrative mission that is key to the success of the larger battle. Before the game begins, each mission will be explained to the Generals of each side and each side will take turns assigning a player to specific missions until all are assigned a mission.

The two teams will be Order and Chaos.

Destruction and Death will be split between the two sides as different factions because warbands choose their sides for different reasons.

We are only allowing 24 player spots for this event, so get yours early.

Both Narrative BIG Battles (40k & AoS) are the only gaming events at Shorehammer which requires painted models. We require at least 3 colors on your models, but basing is not required.

  • No Unpainted Miniatures, Forge World, or Named Characters (aka Unique) allowed.

  • We are using mostly Matched Play Rules.

  • Lists are a maximum of 800 points per player, and no more than 5 units.

  • Lists MUST include at least 1 Battleline choice.

  • Lists CANNOT take more than 1 Behemoth/Monster choice.

  • Lists CANNOT take more than 70 models total.

  • Artifacts and Warlord Traits may be taken.

  • Command Points are generated as normal.

  • Players that share a Army keyword cannot be affected by friendly players’ buffs and abilities.

Army-specific terrain is limited to 2 terrain pieces maximum for each player (if you can summon more than the standard 1 piece. The reason for this being that we could quickly have a board full of jumbled terrain, which will make the game cumbersome. (I’m looking mostly at you Sylvaneth, but others as well)

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