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Code of Conduct

TL:DR Don’t be a dick.


The following rules are designed to make the convention more enjoyable for everyone and they will be enforced strictly.

Judges: Shorehammer staff are the judges of conduct in this convention and in our tournaments. Players should try to resolve their own issues or misunderstandings amicably, but when this is not possible, Judges should be contacted or flagged down to make a ruling.

Players have the right to appeal judge calls to Shorehammer management if they feel there is reasonable grounds that the judge’s decision is incorrect and needs a 2nd opinion.

When an attendee is found to be in violation of any of the Code of Conduct rules in spirit or actions, they will be dealt with the following ways at the discretion of Shorehammer management:

  • Verbal Warning- Player is expected to change their behavior immediately

  • Expulsion- Player will be removed from the tournament, event, or even the entire convention

  • Banning- Player is not allowed to attend future Shorehammer events.

The following actions are violations of our Code of Conduct

Shorehammer reserves the right to reprimand attendees for any vulgar, illegal, violent, immoral, or unethical behavior even if not listed below.


  • Requirements for participating in a tournament are free and available on this website. Any player who does not follow these rules may be prevented from playing in an event. (Example: Narrative battle requires fully painted models, a player attempts to participate with only primed models. This player will not be allowed to participate.)


  • Before rolling dice, players must declare what they are rolling for and rolls must be made in clear sight of the opponent.

  • Before rolling, players must declare what weapons are being rolled for and what unit is the intended target.


  • Before moving models, players must declare what unit they are moving.

  • Models are not allowed to be moved outside of instances where the game requires model movement.

  • Measurements for models must be measured front-to-front. Meaning that models may not finish a move past the end of the tape measure.

  • If a range measurement is questionable, the opponent must be asked for their input. If players cannot come to a conclusion, a judge may be called.


  • All models that are altered in some way must be approved by Shorehammer Management prior to the event they are participating. It is suggested that approval is requested and granted well in advance of the convention or you risk the chance of having disqualifying models.

  • Kitbashes/proxies will only be allowed for the purposes of Rule of Cool, or for narrative backstory purposes for your army. Proxies for the sake of being cheap are not permitted. If you do not want to spent the money on the models, then don’t bring the unit in your list.

  • In almost all cases, the models must have the appropriate weapons they are listed with on your list. It must be very obvious what they equipped with.

  • Approval for kitbashes/proxies can be sought at


  • Players are responsible for bringing their own resources such as printed or digital rules, tape measures, and dice.

  • When asked by an opponent, players must read the rule in question in its entirety. If the opponent asks to read the rule for themselves, they must be allowed to do so.


  • Players are responsible for showing up to events on time. If a player arrives more than 5 minutes late, they may be excluded from the event.

  • Players must not take up more than half of the allotted game time for their own army’s actions. Players accused of slow-playing intentionally will be required to play using a Chess Clock which will be provided by Shorehammer.

  • Players should be attentive of their game, and be ready to take an active part in the game that is currently in progress.


  • Players must finish their tournament games or they may be ejected from the convention.

  • Players are not allowed to quit before the end of a game or before the end of a tournament.

  • Players must never use vulgar, racist, or threatening language to or around other players. Verbal or physical threats will be dealt with severely. This includes symbols of known violent groups on clothing or accessories as well as intentional gang colors or symbols.

  • Players are not allowed to complain about their opponent’s legal list, their bad dice rolls, or their opponent’s good dice rolls.

  • Players must wear clothing on their upper and lower body to cover their torso, legs, and groin.

  • Players must wear footwear to cover their feet, barefoot players are not allowed.

  • Players that smell strongly of body odor will politely and discreetly be asked to apply deodorant, cologne, or to bathe before continuing in the convention.

  • Responsible drinking of alcohol is allowed, but players who are drunk, stagger, slur their words, or act irresponsibly or violently may be ejected.

  • No player is allowed to touch another player, that player’s models, or that player’s property without prior verbal consent.

  • Players are not allowed to make negative or sarcastic remarks.

  • Players must wash their hands after using the bathroom.

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