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Battletech Narrative

Battletech Narrative battle

When: Thursday evening 6pm to 9pm

Ruleset: Alpha Strike

Build total: 300 points a player

List due: 11/19/23

List can be submitted to:


Battle for Van Zandt

Out in the deep periphery, a Castle Brian Cache waits to be staked as a claim. On the desert like world of Van Zandt it lays deep in the heart of the crystal desert. Every mechwarrior worth thier salt is now in the fierce battle to claim the cache for Comstar or the locals


The game is divided into two teams. Mechwarriors can be either side, the Locals or Comstar. Each Mechwarrior can bring 300 points of mechs, infantry or battlefield support. Either fielded in Stars, Lances or Battle Levels. (In groups of 4, 5, or 6)


The game is a typical capture the flag match with each objective being in the deployment zone. Each deplyment zone is a horizontal side of a 6x4 table.


The flags are centered 6 inches from a deployment zone's edge.


Mechs can claim the flag by base contact with the objective and are considered carrying the flag once in contact. The object is held by the mech base but does not obscure the mech in any fashion. There is no movement penatly for carrying a flag. Players will choose to activate mechs individually based on the side. Each side is considered a player as per the Alpha Strike rules for activations, while individual players are to coordinate action order as a team still following alternating activations.


Both the team flag and captured flags must be present in the objective zone to score a single point. 


The game is going to last until either objective is captured 3 times or the time limit of one hour is reached. 


If a player's entire force is wiped, they can respawn a single mech or unit at the start of each turn until they have their full force restored. Lance construction will be used as in the Alpha Strike commanders edition. Battlefield support will not be used, and each player may have one mech use a single Special Pilot ability as listed in the Alpha Strike Commanders edition. Each player must use the appropriate Alpha Strike cards or the force builder in the Master Unit List (use of such is free and available online) prior to the vent and submitted to the organizer. 


A more detailed story write-up will follow.

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