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Flames of War

Mid-War Tournament "Stepps in the Sand II" 

TO: Pete Zerphy 

Sponsored by: Central Gaming Corps 

When: Friday 5pm to 11pm

Rounds: 3 rounds at 1 hour and 45 minutes each

Points: 75 Dynamic OR regular

Build restrictions: Limited to 1 formation



Late-War Tournament "Battle of the Beach Bulge II" 

TO: Pete Zerphy

Sponsored by: Central Gaming Corps

When: Saturday 10am to 7pm

Rounds: 3 rounds at 2 and a half hours, lunch after round 1 of 45 minutes. 

Points: 111

Missions: Extended Mission Pack

Build restrictions: TBA



Look for more information/Details on the Delmarva Flames of War Facebook Events page.

Any Teaching, Open games, or tournament questions can be sent to or

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