What Is This? A Convention For Ants?


No. In fact, it is not a convention for ants.

Bursting forth from the womb of Pimpcron's twisted processors, emerges a new kind of Wargaming Event.


It is a called Shorehammer and it is here to steal yo' bitch.



This is the first year for this event, but you can expect it to keep getting bigger every year like your pile of unpainted miniatures. It is December 3rd and 4th, 2016 in Ocean City, Maryland at the Grand Hotel.


This event will include a fun Lightning Highlander Warhammer 40k Tournament to test your skill on Saturday where we will be giving away more prizes than you can shake Da Lucky Stick at. There are tons of different ways to win prizes, even if you suck at this game!

Our Grand Champion for the Highlander Tournament walks away with a 52-inch genuine leather Championship Belt with the Shorehammer logo, the word Champion, and the date 2016. HOW SWEET IS THAT? Plus, your name and hometown will be immortalized on our Hall of Fame plaque so that your legend lives on!


DISCLAIMER: Your abs may vary.

Saturday Night we will be holding an Age of Sigmar BigBattle! It is like a regular tournament but it is a giant battle between two sides where the winning team wins prizes. For those of you who don't math too good, that's half of the players winning prizes! Plus bigger prizes for the best generals on the winning side!

Sunday will include our Lightning Nut Crusher Tournament for you super hardcore types.

  • All weekend there will be free events running that give away prizes too! Hive City Clash, Gorka Morka Drag Racing, and Wych Cult Death Matches!

Not interested in organized play? We also have free open tables to play any system you want all weekend! Warhammer Fantasy, Wrath of Kings, AoS, Oldhammer, Warmahordes, Malifaux, Firestorm Armada, and any other are welcome. Plus a full Zone Mortalis to play in!


We are also holding an Armies On Parade Contest on Sunday. Awards will be awarded for Best Army, Best Single Model, and Most Unique! The three winners of this competition will also be immortalized on our Hall of Fame plaque forever! Plus each of them will receive a sweet engraved crystal trophy!


Shorehammer will also include panels, open Halo LAN parties, activities, RPGs, a board game room and videos. Check out the EVENT SCHEDULE for more. Guests are yet to be announced.