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This is the first year we are doing a FRIENDLY AND CASUAL X-Wing tournament at Shorehammer.

That means helping your opponent if they forget something, being friendly, and in general just not being a Jawa. When in doubt, be Jar Jar.

We will be assessing enthusiasm based off of participation and if this is popular, we will continue to expand on the X-Wing choices in the future.

We will be using all current FAQs and errata. We will be using the Swiss Pairings rules for our tournament as well as all  other applicable tournament rules as explained in the following document by Fantasy Flight.

Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing Tournament Packet

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place trophies will be awarded to the top ranking people.

Games (except the final round) will be allotted 60 minutes to finish their game, with an additional 15 minutes if they had already started a round.

There will also be a Sportsmanship Score to be filled out about your opponent after each game which will aid in the Cut Process and/or ties, so be nice!

Live Long and Prosper Jedi!

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