Wych Cult Death Match

So what is a Wych Cult Death Match?

Did you know that the Wych Cults of Dark Eldar keep prisoners of battle to make them fight in the arenas? Well this will be played in our own custom made arena battlefield!

It is free game running all weekend where 10 players at a time bring their favorite non-named HQ from any codex and fight to the death against the others. The fights will be a series of quick 1 versus 1 games and the winner of each game takes on the next challenger.

Here's The Battle Arena That We Will Be Playing In! Rules Below!

Any non-Monstrous Creature, non-vehicle, unnamed HQ from any current codex with any combination of legal upgrades and/or artifacts from their codex or a supplement up to a total of 140 points.

No Forge World.
No Bikes or Jetbikes.
You MAY take Jetpacks or Jump Packs but you may not move more than 6" in your movement phase using them.
All models have a 5+ "Dodge" save that counts as an Invulnerable save, but they hit on 6's the following time they are activated (even close combat attacks).
All models have Eternal Warrior.
They may take any applicable wargear from their codex's wargear list, even if they normally don't have access to it. (Ex: a Wierdboy with a Power Klaw, or a Chapter Master with a Lascannon)
Which ever character used fewer points, gets to take first turn.

If your codex doesn't have HQs, then you may take an Elite choice (1 model). I'm looking at you, Harlequins.

Psykers are allowed but no summoning is allowed. If you roll a summoning power on a table, then that power must be re-rolled until you get a non-summoning power.

Prizes will be given out to the winner of each Death Match Tournament.