Hive City Clash

What is a Hive City Clash?

Well it is a 4x8 foot board of level upon level of ruined hive city; dilapidated, and falling apart.
Each player from the 10 players allowed at a time will run their 150-point hive force deep into the underhive to capture the objective in the middle. Meanwhile they will face dizzying drops to their death, 9 other hostile opponents, collapsing tunnels and fierce close combat battles!

This will be a free game running all weekend long for groups of 10 people at a time! The winner who holds the objective for two straight turns wins!


  • Up to 150 points of whatever force you can muster  of modern 40k models and any upgrades they normally can take from a current codex or supplement.
  • Unless stated otherwise, we use Kill Team Rules.
  • All areas are treated as Difficult terrain with a 6+ cover but will not impede normal movement distances. It is really just for models that treat difficult as dangerous. (Jump, Bikes, etc.)
  • Sorry, no vehicles besides walkers but they must be able to fit on the levels. (4" tall)