Gorka Morka Drag Races

What are Gorka Morka Drag Races?

Gorka Morka was an old game made by GW that involved orks and eventually some other races racing around the track and trying to shoot each other to win.

Gorka Morka Drag Races are a free game to play and will be running all weekend! Be the first to cross the finish line and win a prize!

Ten people at a time will each choose one of our pre-made vehicles from all of the major races. They will shoot, ram, and speed their way to the finish line while trying to avoid mines, enemy fire and insults! No need to bring your own models, you'll use ours! Pick your favorite race, and speed off to victory or death!

While this isn't exactly that old game, it is better and more fun. And it is played on our custom made drag racing track!