Armies On Parade

So what's the deal with this one?


We are holding an Armies On Parade Contest on Sunday. Awards will be awarded for Best Army, Best Single Model, and Most Unique! 


 Here's the deal though:

May not be more than 2ft x 2ft total and may not be taller than 2ft.


Each participant may only enter one of the three categories: Best Army, Best Single Model, or Most Unique

Requirements are super simple, but you'll need to bring your A-game to win!

Best Army- Must be more than 1 model. But obviously things like a 2x2 themed board, having more models, a variety of units, etc. will increase your chances of winning. 

Best Single Model- Must not be more than one model. But obviously a sick paint job, a custom base, or detailed weathering will help you win. (Corpses don't count. So if your dude has slayed an enemy we won't disqualify you.)

Most Unique Can be any number of models. What we would expect here is the most impressive diorama, kit-bash, or unique use of models.

The three winners of this competition will also be immortalized on our Hall of Fame plaque forever! Plus each of them will receive a sweet engraved crystal trophy!