40k Narrative

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This year we are including a massive Narrative 40k Big Battle!

Thrill in the warfare simulation as you and your fellow players work together as brothers and sisters in arms to defeat the other side!

I won't give away all aspects for the sake of surprise, but be prepared for each player to have an important battle field role. Failure means letting your team mates down and victory means being an All-Star of the battle.

Prizes will randomly be given out each turn, and no prizes are given away for winning because this is not about winning. This is about telling and story and taking part in an epic narrative game. The winning side receives bragging rights.

We will have Space Hulk Battles to control orbital bombardments, sewer short cuts to travel deep into enemy territory, shield generating bunkers to claim, and a transponder battle to decide who gets reinforcements.

Each Phase will be timed and strictly enforced to keep the game running smoothly.

The two teams will be Order and Chaos.
Order will include Imperium armies, Eldar, and Tau.
Chaos armies will include Chaos Marines & Chaos Daemons.
Tyranids will be a third faction that cares not for objectives and is only out for killing. They will set up differently than the other two teams. (not explained for surprise)
All other armies (Orks, Necrons, etc.) will be split between the two sides as different factions and warbands choose their sides for different reasons.

We are only allowing 20 player spots for this event, so get yours early.

This is the only gaming event at Shorehammer which requires painted models. We require at least 3 colors on your models, but basing is not required.

  • Lists need to be 1 Faction per player.
  • No Unpainted Miniatures, Forge World, Named Characters or Lords of War allowed.
  • We are using Matched Play Rules.
  • Lists are a maximum of 800 points per player, and no more than 5 units. (Dedicated Transports count toward your unit maximum, but the first Dedicated Transport in your list will not count towards your maximum.)
  • Lists MUST include at least 1 Troop choice.
  • Lists must choose only ONE Force Org slot (Either HQ, Elite, Fast Attack, Heavy or Flyer) to fill out the other units that aren't Troops. Dedicated Transports may be taken and do not count towards the Force Org slot choice.
  • (Examples: Your list may be 1 Troop choice and 3 Fast Attack units. Or 3 Troops and 1 Heavy Support)
  • Relics and Warlord Traits may be taken.
  • At the beginning of the Game, each player receives 3 Command Points per unit of Troops he or she took in their army list.
  • Players that share a Faction keyword can be affected by friendly players' buffs and abilities.